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Wild Sage & Co; Handmade skincare delights; My thoughts + photos!!

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   Wild Sage & Co is a family run business based in Herefordshire, England, producing natural skin care products using traditional methods. Their little handmade luxuries are mild, gentle, and free from artificial fragrance oils and colourants. All of their soaps are suitable for vegans, and none of their produce is tested on animals.
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   When I opened my delightful delivery I instantly fell in love with the refreshing fragrance of the aromatic soaps. The Lavender & Geranium Soap has a relaxing floral fragrance. It's gentle formula is suitable for everyone, but Wild Sage also suggest it for use on the hair to cleanse and add shine. The uplifting Lemongrass & Tea Tree Soap helps to balance the skin's sebum levels, and the powerful energizing aroma is sure to awaken your senses! For a fresh scent and light exfoliation, try the Rosemary & Tea Tree Soap, which contains chopped rosemary to gently scrub the skin. It's also said that rosemary stimulates hair follicles, so you could try using this one as a shampoo, too! All Wild Sage & Co soaps are handmade with love, care, and the finest natural ingredients.
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   The Oil Cleansing Method is available for both dry and oily skin types (either can be used on combination skin), and comes with useful information and directions for use. There's no need to wash the face first - this hard-working cleanser battles through make up and dirt without any harsh chemicals, leaving your skin feeling fresh and replenished. And, of course, it smells heavenly!
   Face scrubs are one of my favorite cleansing products, and Wild Sage's Balancing Face Scrub scores top marks from me! It has a pleasant texture, a refreshing aroma, and leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, and positively glowing. This tin of exfoliating goodness is the perfect product for rejuvenating the skin, without the use of damaging chemicals.
   The sweetly-scented Argan Balm is a moisturiser with a difference. It's a solid balm presented in a glass jar, but can also be purchased in a little tin which is ideal for travel. I've never seen anything quite like it! It's a great way to round off any skin care routine to leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated. A little goes a long way, so this little pot of beneficial balm will keep your skin feeling glorious for months. Care instructions are included to help you get the most out of it.
   Looking for a product to battle dry lips? Well forget greasy, sticky balms and try Wild Sage's Red Clay Lip Balm. It melts onto the lips, and leaves them feeling silky smooth, wonderfully moisturised, and kiss-ably soft - pucker up, ladies! It also gives a subtle hint of rosy colour. Have a pot handy to keep dehydration at bay.
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