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Bulrush & Bramble; Truly natural skincare and handmade homeware from Dorset.

© Tuesday T. Bryan
© Tuesday T. Bryan
   This week we're focusing on a delightful Dorset-based company called Bulrush & Bramble. From sensational soap bars and soft-as-a-feather wash cloths, to pretty packaging and intricately woven Bulrush Baskets, everything truly is inspired by nature. And better still, every Bulrush & Bramble product is carefully handmade by either Nicky Lewis or Jill Withy from their own Dorset cottages.
   On the Bulrush & Bramble website you will find a wide range of natural skincare treats suitable all the family (even tiny tots!), and also some great 
homewear and gift ideas.
   Why not try some Bulrush & Bramble handmade soap? With such a fantastic selection on offer, you may find it difficult to pick just one! Nicky Lewis skillfully crafts each bar by hand using the “Cold Process”, a method of soap-making that helps retain the properties of the soap’s natural ingredients. Bulrush & Bramble soaps contain glycerin, a substance which is known to help treat dry skin. It’s formed naturally in the process of making these soaps, and, unlike many chemical-packed commercial brands, Bulrush & Bramble leave it in their produce to help moisturise and cleanse the skin simultaneously. Just as nothing natural is removed from their products, nothing unnatural is added. The clean colours and fresh aromas are all produced naturally by the ingredients used. This results in a truly natural product that is kind and gentle enough for use on any skin type anywhere on the face and body. These versatile bars can also be used as shaving soaps, but Bulrush & Bramble have a new product available created specifically for use when shaving. The shaving bar works up a creamy moisturising layer resulting in soft skin and a nice clean
© Tuesday T. Bryan
shave. It’s very versatile and can be used anywhere on the body on all skin types. Personally, I noticed a huge difference in the dreaded shaving rash – I always get irritated red skin after shaving with foams and gels, but with Bulrush & Bramble’s shaving bar I noticed no rash at all! So, if you suffer from shaving rash or have easily-irritated skin, this all-natural product is well worth a try. It’s available for both men and women.
   Moisturising the skin regularly not only improves and prevents dryness, but, in the long run, it can also help to improve the appearance of skin imperfections such as stretch marks and signs of ageing. Even the massaging motion used to apply moisturiser helps our circulation. Finding the right moisturiser for you can be a bit of a nightmare, and you shouldn't just slap any old product on your skin. Commercial products contain all sorts of chemicals that can do more harm than good; many of us will find they can irritate the skin (especially if it’s sensitive), cause break-outs, or trigger allergic reactions. If you want a safe bet it’s a good idea to opt for something natural that’s suitable for all skin types, and Bulrush & Bramble products tick all the boxes! I had the pleasure of testing two of their moisturising products; the Body Butter and the Moisturising Face Mousse.
© Tuesday T. Bryan
The Completely Natural Body Butter has a lovely creamy formula that absorbs into the skin quickly and easily providing instant moisture without leaving any unpleasant sticky residue. A little goes a long way – just a touch effectively hydrates and soothes the skin. It has a light and fresh fragrance which is produced naturally by the product’s ingredients, including camomile flowers and coconut oils (nothing nasty added here!). It’s suitable for use on even the most sensitive skin.
   For the face, why not try the Completely Natural Moisturising Face Mousse? It has a soft earthy colour which is given by the infusion of bay and rosemary leaves. This product also contains skin-softening Sweet Almond oil, protective Jojoba oil, firming and hydrating Aloe Vera, nutrient-packed soothing Shea Butter, and anti-ageing Argan Oil. This clever combination keeps the product fresh for months at room temperature. Again, it’s suitable for all skin types, and, as with all Bulrush & Bramble products, it’s all natural.
   Many more beautifully handmade Bulrush & Bramble products are available, including Nicky’s Bulrush Baskets, which are crafted from wild Dorset rushes and woven using traditional methods. You can also purchase washcloths, the perfect accompaniment to your handmade skincare. Bulrush & Bramble washcloths are handmade using organic cotton by expert Dorset hand-knitter, Jill Withy.
   All Bulrush & Bramble products can be found on their website, and they also pop up occasionally at events (visit the “news” section of their website for upcoming locations).
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By Tuesday T. Bryan.


© Tuesday T. Bryan

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