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☆NEW Avon LUXE COUTURE Créme Lipstick; 3 shades; review + photos☆

I'm simultaneously writing this review and on hold to a mobile network company. I was going to name and shame them, but the fact that I'm calling to tell them I want to leave their network should be enough - at least I'll never have to phone them again!
[2 minutes later...] Finally! I'm off hold and the the call is done. Now I can focus on my writing.

Today's review is about a product from Avon's new make up range, the LUXE collection. Their "exclusive premium" range is out in time for Christmas, and it's a perfect way to treat yourself and your loved ones without breaking the bank!

The new range includes a ladies perfume, a jewelry roll, 10 shades of lipstick, 6 eyeshadow palettes, 2 liquid eyeliner shades, 2 mascara shades, 8 shades of lip gloss, a shimmer powder compact, and 5 shades of liquid foundation.

Today I will be reviewing Avon Luxe Couture Créme Lipstick in three shades; High Style Coral, Designer Red, and Stiletto Red.

"Silk-infused formula with pearlescent colour."
- Avon.

The first thing I noticed about these lipsticks is the glamorous golden packaging. It's gorgeous! All of the Luxe range products are presented in eye-catching, golden chrome-effect packaging. It's really stylish and makes the products appear much more high-end and expensive than they really are. They really do look like designer products! They look like accessories as opposed to just make up. It's very sleek and sophisticated (see image - top right).

Now, let's discuss the lipsticks themselves. The formula is divine! Avon say these lipsticks make the lips feel more voluptuous and as soft as silk, and they certainly live up to the claim! My lips felt deeply moisturised and nourished, both during and after wear. Some moisturising lipsticks don't have very good wear, they often don't stay in place very long and require re-applying regularly, however that is not the case with these lipsticks. I had to top up the colour every few hours and after eating, but otherwise the soft hue lasted for hours! Very impressive. So far, so good!

I chose these three shades because I thought "High Style Coral" looked irresistible in the brochure, and I picked the two red shades because I'm a sucker for red lips!
All the shades have a slightly sheer finish, but the colour can be layered to make the hue more intense.
"High Style Coral."
© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography
Copyrighted material

☆High Style Coral: (images - right and end of blog) As I said previously, I had high expectations after spotting this shade in the brochure photos. Many times I've found that shades don't look as good in reality as they do in a brands' advertising images, and sometimes they look like a different shade altogether, however this shade didn't disappoint. It's a soft, sun-kissed, caramel shade that gives the lips a flattering pearly sheen.

"Designer Red."
© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography
Copyrighted material

☆Designer Red: (Image - right) This bright, orange-toned red is a classic shade for the lips. It looks best paired with simple eye make up and pale, flawless skin. With the winter weather and the Christmas party season approaching, this shade is an ideal buy!

"Stiletto Red."
© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography
Copyrighted material

☆Stiletto Red: (Image - below-right) This red is a more delicate than "Designer Red", but it's not at all subtle! For me, this shade worked perfectly with medium-dark neutral eye shadow and a rosey blusher. Again, this shade is great for Autumn/Winter make up.

Now, let's talk dollar. This range is a little more expensive than most Avon cosmetics. Everything released from the range so far will cost you between £6 and £16 at the normal prices, and these lipsticks will set you back £9.50 each. If you snap them up for the introductory prices they'll be a little cheaper, though.

So, with Christmas just around the corner, why not treat yourself or your loved ones to a little something special from Avon's new luxurious range?

© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography

By Tuesday T. Bryan.

Image - below: Here I am wearing Avon Luxe Couture Créme Lipstick in "High Style Coral". My blouse is from New Look. My gold chain was a gift. Excuse the forehead wrinkles, I don't know why I'm pulling such a stupid face.
© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography

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