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❄Perfect Party Season Polish... Barry M Textured Glitter Nail Paint; Shade "Lady" (White Pearl TNP8); Review + photos❄

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Today's review is all about a Barry M Nail Polish shade that I believe is perfect for the fast-approaching Christmas Party Season! The shade is called "Lady" (White Pearl, TNP8), and it's from The Royal Textured Glitter Collection. About halfway down this page I have included an image of all 5 shades from the collection, and I've written the shade names next to it.

"The new Royal Glitter inspired collection from Barry M will make you feel like a glittering, glistening Princess. With 5 shades in the range, these Textured Glitter Nail Paints will get your nails noticed in an instant." - Barry M (source:

I'm not usually a fan of textured shades, I much prefer a smooth and polished finish to my manicure, but this shade has shed a new light on the textured nail look for me. The texture it gives the nails feels just like hardened sand! It's an interesting look, and I don't think textured polishes in darker hues would float my boat, but the "gritty" look and feel just seems to work with this glittery shade. I love the contrast between the soft colour and the coarse texture.

Image - above-right: Barry M Textured Glitter Nail Paint in "Lady" (TNP8) from The Royal Textured Glitter Collection.

It also has fantastic wear. Glitter polishes do tend to have better wear than non-glittery ones, but the addition of textured particles in these seems to make the polish set like cement! I didn't see any signs of wear for 5 days, none what-so-ever! When signs did begin to show they were minimal, just a few minor chips here and there. In fact, this stuff has such serious staying power that it's a bit of a nightmare to remove! Someone should really invent a nail polish remover specifically for glitter polishes and other stubborn shades (if it already exists can someone please tell me?!).

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The textured finish also seems to have some effect on the way a topcoat will look. I added a shiny topcoat to add durability and a glossy finish, but it didn't add any shine at all, no matter which brand of topcoat I tried. I have no idea why this happens, but the matte finish is all part of the look. It's still a good idea to add a topcoat to extend wear, though.

Image - left: The Royal Textured Glitter Collection from Barry M. Shades (L-R): Purple Countess (TNP9), Gold Majesty (TNP6), Nude Duchess (TNP7), Lady (TNP8), Pink Princess (TNP5).

Another thing good glitter and textured shades seem to have are accelerated drying times. This stuff set solid in seconds for me. Always opt for a shade with a near-instantaneous drying time when you're in a hurry! Remember to touch-up mistakes with some nail polish remover after painting each nail, as this textured stuff is a nightmare to adjust once it's dry.

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Now, let's discuss the shade itself. This shade's main colour may be white, but it's far from boring! Barry M describe "Lady" as being a white pearl colour, which is bang on the money, really. The snowy white pearlescent hue is flecked with iridescent glitter and has a sandy textured finish. As I said earlier, the combination of the soft shade and gritty texture is an interesting contrast that creates a fabulous and unique polish! It seems to marry with our snowy English Winter landscapes perfectly (which appear to be occurring more and more frequently!).
If you're looking for this shade on the Barry M website, look in The Royal Textured Glitter Collection in the Nail Effects section, and click on shade TNP8 - it just says TNP8 on the website, not "Lady" as it does on the bottle, bare this in mind when browsing.

❄So, why not make a change from the usual seductive dark burgundy and plum hues in AW13 and opt for something light, innocent and snowy instead?❄

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By Tuesday T. Bryan.

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