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High-End Hair Serums & Their Penny-Pinching Alternatives; 8 wonder-products for specific hair do dilemmas!!!

Blow-drying, colouring, styling, products, heat, the sun, and the environment can all cause damage to our hair. There are countless numbers of hair care products on the market to treat all sorts of problems. Oils and serums seem to be the most effective treatments as they instantly provide our damaged locks with deep, intense nourishment. So I've compiled a list of some popular products from more expensive brands that come with a rather sizable price tag, and a cheaper alternative product that delivers similar results without breaking the bank. Each product varies in the hair do dilemma it's said to solve. What will you opt for, a bank-breaker or a money-saver?
All prices are approximate.

1. For all-round goodness.
Liz Earle Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil.

If you're looking for an easy-to-use product with multiple benefits, this may be the miracle product for you. This nourishing hair oil from Liz Earle claims to "condition, smooth and minimise frizz in one luxurious step". This clever little oil could prove especially useful to you if you often dry and style your hair using heat, as it protects against heat damage caused by styling and also reduces blow-drying time. With an RRP of £15.00 for a 50ml pump, it's not the cheapest product on the market, but a little goes a long way as you only need 1-2 pumps per use.

Penny-Pinching alternative: Tresemmé Salon Smooth Serum. £4.50 (30ml).

2. Moroccan Argan Oil treatment.
Moroccanoil Treatment.

I'm sure most of us have heard the recent hype about the benefits of using Moroccan Argan Oil for our hair. There's been a huge increase of products containing this "miracle oil", and this one from Moroccanoil comes with a hefty price tag of about £30 for 100ml. Not only does it promise to add a glossy finish and brilliant shine, but it also has the ability to repair damage caused by the environment and chemical procedures. It can used on natural hair, but also on wigs and hair extensions. It's instantly absorbed to give a natural-looking healthy finish without residue.

Penny-Pinching alternative: Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Healing Oil Spray. £6.99 (118ml).

3. For coloured hair.
Kérastase ELIXIR ULTIME Colour-Treated Hair.

If you have coloured hair it can sometimes prove difficult to keep it looking and feeling as lustrous and vivid as appears when first dyed. There are some excellent treatments available, and this "beautifying-oil" from the popular brand Kérastase is used to restore radiance and depth of colour as well as to protect your colour-treated locks. At around £30 for a 125ml bottle, it doesn't come cheap!

Penny-Pinching alternative: L'Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil for Coloured Hair. £8.50 (100ml)

4. To add glorious shine.
Serge Normant Meta Sheer Dry Oil Finishing Spray.

Dull hair is a problem many of us suffer from, and a temporary quick-fix solution is to finish your hair with a shine spray. This weightless finishing oil by Serge Normant not only adds luxurious shine, but it also controls frizz, adds texture, and contains natural botanical oils, vitamins and proteins for extra nourishment. It has a non-greasy look and feel, and can be used on wet or dry hair. A 50ml bottle will set you back approximately £23, so use it sparingly!

☆Penny-Pinching alternative: Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Lightweight Gloss Spray. £5.50 (100ml). Click here for my review of this brilliant cheap and cheerful product from Avon!

5. To restore balance to dry or oily scalps.
j.f. lazartigue Oily Scalp Intensive Sebum Treatment Serum.

A dry scalp often leads to the much-dreaded dandruff, but, with so many products available to nourish and hydrate, you needn't panic! This treatment from j.f. lazartigue restores the balance of your scalp and so fights dryness and excess sebum (the root of oily hair). This intensive treatment is easy to use, it's simply massaged into the scalp and left in - there's no need to rinse. Applying it to the scalp allow the product to work on the roots of the hair which promotes healthy growth. It's also deep-cleaning, purifying, and anti-bacterial. If you often suffer from dandruff or oily hair, this is definitely a product to consider, but be prepared for your wallet to take a hit, as it will cost you around £28.00 for 75ml.

Penny-Pinching alternative: BC Bonacure Scalp Therapy Serum. £10.00 (30ml).

6. To protect from sun damage.
Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue.

In the heat, our hair is often forgotten as we focus on the protection of our skin, but hair suffers easily from sun damage, too. If you're one for splashing out on hair care products, maybe the whopping £40.00 price tag for 150ml of this Shu Uemura product won't come much of a shock. It promises to protect the hair from damage caused by UV rays, combat dryness and frizz, as well as providing intense moisture and deep nourishment. It's miracle ingredient is said to be Camellia Oil, which is a great scalp-conditioner that also promotes healthy hair growth.

Penny-Pinching alternative: Solar Sport SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen For Hair And Scalp. £4.99 (25ml).

7. To protect and add volume to fine hair.
Nioxin DiaBoost.

Fine hair can prove problematic as it's prone to break easily and become dry and unmanageable, often leaving it's sufferers craving more voluminous and nourished locks. A treatment is a great way to provide your hair with intense hydration, which is what this product from Nioxin is proven to give. It also boosts the hair's volume by increasing the thickness of your existing strands, makes the hair more manageable, and strengthens weak hair making it more resilient and able to fight breakages. Daily application is advised to achieve the best results. At around £40.00 for 100ml, all that goodness doesn't come cheap!

Penny-Pinching alternative: Joico Body Luxe Volumizing Elixir. £11.00 (200ml).

8. For mature and damaged hair.
L'Anza Healing Strength Neem Plant Silk Serum.

Over time our hair becomes more vulnerable and shows age, just like our skin, but their are products out their to fight signs of ageing and revitalise mature hair. This treatment serum from L'Anza fortifies the hair to make it stronger, causing breakage to reduce dramatically and promoting strong, healthy growth. It also adds glorious, youthful shine without looking oily. This product is not only excellent for mature hair, but it could also be your hair's savior if your locks have been damaged by heat styling and chemical processing. It has added UVA/UVB protection to help combat damage caused by the sun's harmful rays.

Penny-Pinching alternative: Weleda Revitalising Hair Tonic. £9.95 (100ml).

So, there you have my list of High-End Hair Oils and Serums. There are many more available, but I'd be researching and writing indefinitely! Hopefully, my findings have helped you discover the product that may resolve your barnet issues once-and-for-all!

By Tuesday T. Bryan.

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