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NEW Avon Always On Point Eyeliner; Black; Review + photos! Unique "self-sharpening" liner is ready when you are...

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"Creamy, smooth liner stays colour-true. With a sharpener in the patent-pending cap, so the tip is always sharp and ready for precise lines." - Avon (

Today I'm reviewing a fairly new product from Avon. It's an eyeliner called Always On Point, and is named so because it has a sharpener built into the lid to keep it sharp.

I'll be honest (as always), when I first saw this product advertised I thought it was quite pointless. It's very similar to Avon's Glimmerstick eyeliner, a hugely popular product that sells like hotcakes and comes in an impressive range of shades (I own about 10 products from the Glimmersticks range, and I'm not alone in being a massive fan). So, due to the Glimmerstick eyeliner being so successful, I initially thought this product was unnecessary. However, now that I've had the opportunity to give it a whirl, I can see it's benefits and it's differences from other Avon products, which I will explain to you now! :)
© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography
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This new product is currently available in four shades; "Black", "Midnight Navy", "Lavender Grey", and "Teal". I own it in "Black", so that's the colour I'll be testing today. The rich formula is highly-pigmented with bold, saturated colour. A little goes a long way!

Let's talk about the product design. The idea of this product is that it never goes blunt due to it's "self-sharpening" ability. It has a screw-top lid with a built-in sharpener. When you think the liner is looking like it could do with being sharpened you simply place the lid on and turn it clockwise until you hear a "click" sound - voilà! See the image on the left for "instructions in photos".The fact that it doesn't require a sharpener makes it ideal for my handbag - this is where I believe us ladies should try to keep beauty products and tools to a minimum, so the sleek, twist-up, all-in-one design that doesn't require tools or brushes is ideal for on-the-go.

Image - left: Instructions for using the "self-sharpening" Always On Point eyeliner. My nail polish is Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Cosmic Blue (click here for my review of two other Nailwear Pro+ shades).

© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography
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Image - right: This "self-sharpening" liner makes applying your desired style easier. I always opt for the winged look.

Of course, a sharp eyeliner is essential for precise application. This product's "Always On Point" tip makes applying your desired eyeliner style quicker and easier. When I wear eyeliner I always opt for the winged look (see photo - right). It can also be blended and smudged easily to create different effects without looking messy, although I advise using a smudging tool to do this as the water-resistant formula is difficult to get off your fingers! Avon sell a dual-ended eyeshadow brush and smudger which I own and use successfully, and I also have a good quality smudger from Bobbi Brown. Sadly, I don't have any photos of this product when it's been smudged and blended, but I'll take some snaps and add them to this blog when I get a chance!

The soft, creamy consistency doesn't pull or drag the delicate skin around the eye area. The colour glides on easily and seems to "melt" onto the skin - there's no need for much more than the lightest pressure! It sits comfortably on the skin all day, and it doesn't feel thick or heavy. I also found that it didn't upset my easily-irritated waterlines.

My favorite thing thing about this product has got to be it's incredible staying-power. I applied my make up first thing in the morning and removed it about 12 hours later, and the colour stayed true and showed no signs of wear all day! The gorgeous heavily-pigmented black hue was just as strong at the end of the day as when it was freshly applied - impressive! There wasn't a transfer line or crease mark in sight. I felt confident that my liner was staying-put without showing signs of wear or losing it's boldness, which meant I didn't need to check my compact mirror every five minutes! It also applies really well to the waterline, a hurdle which many liners fall at, however it doesn't last as long as it does on the skin, so a few top-ups throughout the day may be required. All this staying-power, yet it's still easy to remove with make up remover or facial cleansing wipes (you'll find it difficult to remove with water alone as the waxy formula is water resistant!). I'm sure this product will be a make up miracle for a lot of you busy girls who are always on the go!

I'm glad that I had the opportunity to try this product and share my thoughts and results with you, otherwise I'd probably have dismissed it and stuck to the Glimmerstick range! It's a great all-rounder, and the "Always On Point" sharpener-lid is a brilliant bonus, but it's that impressive staying-power that wowed me the most. With Christmas just around the corner, a product with wear this good would be ideal for festive gatherings that continue all day and all night, and it would be great to slip in your clutch! Or what about buying it as a little stocking filler? Thanks, Avon!

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© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography

By Tuesday T. Bryan.

© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography
© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography

Image - left: In this photo I'm wearing Avon Always On Point Eyeliner in "Black". My nail polish is Avon Nailwear Pro+ in "Cosmic Blue". My blouse is from H&M. My hand tattoo is my partner's initial.
A full list of make up products used in this photo and an image of the products themselves can be found below.

Image - right: All the make up products I have used in the photo of myself above. Click the links to read my reviews! Product list:
- No7 Airbrush Away Primer.
- Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in "Light Porcelain 101".
- Natural Collection Cover-Up Cream in "Fair".
- Avon Ideal Flawless Loose Powder in "Light Medium".
- Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in "002 Radiant Rose".
- Avon True Colour 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette in "The Nudes".
- Avon Always On Point Eyeliner in "Black".
- No7 Extravagant Lashes Mascara in "Black".
- Avon Glimmerstick Brow Definer in "Blonde".
- Avon Colour Style Lipstick in "Russett Dream".
- Lipcote.
- Bobbi Brown travel brushes.

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