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Katharine Botanicals; Indulgent, effective, natural skincare by Katharine Graves.

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  Katharine Graves is certainly a woman of many talents! Based in Marlborough, Wiltshire, not only has she created a successful natural skincare brand with a little help from natural skincare expert Archie McIntyre, but she is also possesses years of experience in Complementary Medicine, she’s head of The Hypnobirthing Centre and founder of The Hypnobirthing Association, a qualified doula, a mother, and a grandmother. Today, we’ll be focusing on her range of natural skincare products, Katharine Botanicals.

   Katharine’s extensive knowledge of the goodness of natural ingredients has enabled her to create a collection of 
Katharine Botanicals Psoriasis Treatment Triple Pack - Gel
products that are gentle enough for use on even the most sensitive of skin types, yet still powerful enough to deliver great results. Her range of products designed specifically for sufferers of Psoriasis (a discomforting yet not uncommon auto-immune system disease which causes “flare-ups” on the skin) can help to treat the problem from head-to-toe without the use of confusing chemicals. Katherine’s all-natural Psoriasis treatments contain only Mother Nature’s mild yet effective ingredients to help calm redness, ease irritation, and encourage the skin to repair. Everything from the Katharine Botanicals Psoriasis range is suitable for adults and children, and safe for use during pregnancy. Sufferers may also find it helpful to read her Psoriasis

Katharine Botanicals Stretch Mark Lotion.

   Many of Katharine’s products are ideal for mother and baby, including her Stretch Mark Lotion, Nipple Cream, Baby’s Bottom Cream, and her popular 100% Pure Marine Collagen Supplement capsules. The Collagen Supplement capsules are ideal for mothers to take after childbirth as they can help with regaining your figure and improving the skin’s elasticity and shape (why not team them with KatharineBotanicals Stretch Mark Lotion to further help you regain your pre-pregnancy body?). The desirable effects that collagen can have on our body’s appearance include reducing wrinkles and sagging and helping to stop further signs of aging from appearing. Our bodies naturally contain collagen, but it is lost over time making our skin less elastic which causes lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin. Taking collagen also has health benefits such as helping to prevent the onset of degenerative conditions such as Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis. Collagen is also great for our general health and wellbeing.  Katharine’s all-natural 100% Pure Marine Collagen Supplements contain no additives or fillers. They come in packs of 90 capsules which will last 1 month.

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Katharine Botanicals Pure Indulgence Beauty Treatment.© Tuesday T. Bryan
Katharine also makes the most of collagen’s ability to provide more youthful-looking skin in one of her best-selling products, the Pure Indulgence Beauty Treatment.  This unique and natural facial cream’s multiple-benefits make it something of a “wonder-product”. It’s active ingredients are all of natural plant origin, and they work in harmony to improve the skin’s health and appearance. It’s anti-aging ingredients include Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and CoQ10, which work together to fight wrinkles, plump  the skin, and maintain cells. This rejuvenating cream also includes Shea Butter which has multiple benefits to our skin. Here it’s used as an anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and as protection from UV-B rays. Allantoin and Aloe Vera heals and repairs the skin, and Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond and cocoa butter smooth, soften and hydrate. And the list of natural goodness squeezed into this thick, luxurious, creamy treatment doesn't end there - it also contains antioxidants, ingredients to repair tissues, skin and hair conditioners, and even Lavender to improve sleep and reduce stress! My skin looked more radiant and felt healthy and instantly hydrated from the very first use. It also had a lovely cooling effect on the skin which I found very relaxing. It absorbed quickly without leaving any unpleasant scent or residue and left my face with a glorious matte finish (much better than that shiny, oily finish that many skincare products leave). Pure Indulgence Beauty Treatment is available in 50g pots, and a little of this rich formula goes a very long way! It’s Vegan- friendly, suitable for all skin types, cruelty-free, and free from nasty, damaging chemicals including Parabens and SLS.

   To shop Katharine Botanicals and see the full range, or to find out more about Katharine Graves and The HypnobirthingCentre, visit her website at You can also find Katharine on Facebook and Twitter using the links below.

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