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Outback Organics; Ethical skincare bringing Australian goodness to Somerset.

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   The quaint Blackdown Hills village of Churchstanton is the home of family-run business, Outback Organics. This successful Somerset skincare brand produces a vast range of ethical products fused with natural and organic ingredients from Australia, hence the name! None of the products contain any appalling additives like parabens, SLS, synthetic colour of fragrance, and the team are completely against animal testing. The brand has proved hugely popular with the public and professionals alike, and the waxing products are a hit with many professional beauticians including Sam Marshall (AKA “The Beauty Guru”), a well-known figure in the beauty industry, who uses the products for her treatments and her waxing training and believes the Outback Gold Peelable Wax is “the best hot wax in the world”. Outback Organics products are also a huge hit with salons and spas worldwide. Want the spa experience at home? Pop over to their website to shop the range at or

   I want to kick off by talking about my favourite Outback Organics product, the Tea Tree Face Cream. Finding a product to suit you can be a nightmare, and my combination skin rejects a lot of commercial products. However, this face cream is specially formulated for oily and combination skin and is suitable for regular use. It keeps the skin hydrated and nourished and gives a glorious, matte finish without leaving any unpleasant residue. Tea Tree is something of a “wonder product” renowned for its multitude of benefits, especially in the world of skincare, and Outback Organics utilize its powers in many of their products. In Outback Organics’ hair care products it helps to battle flaky, itchy scalps, and in this moisturising facial cream it helps to balance the skin and control the production of sebum (a substance naturally produced by the skin to keep it hydrated). If you suffer from breakouts then you could help to control blemishes with Outback Organics Pure Tea Tree Oil Spot Stick. Easy to use, simply apply 
the healing blend of oils directly to imperfections to help calm the area and reduce redness.

   Exfoliating products have a “scrubby” abrasive texture to buff away dry flaky patches of skin. They’re also ideal for helping to remove blackheads. Outback Organics Face & Body Scrub is my exfoliator of choice for regular use. I use it at least three times a week to battle imperfections, banish shine, and relieve any dryness. It leaves the skin nourished, clean, and rids the skin of excess oil leaving a lovely matte finish!

   Using the benefits of Tea Tree oil again, the Outback Organics team have developed a moisturiser for your body to keep your skin moisturise from head to toe! The Hand & Body Lotion is blended with a mix of skin-loving natural ingredients including miraculous Macadamia oil to sooth irritated skin and rehydrate dry areas. The Tea Tree infusion gives a zingy, energising aroma to refresh the senses and lift the mood. I’m also a fan of the Hand &Foot Lotion. It too is blended with soothing Macadamia oil to keep dryness at bay. I like to massage it into my hands and feet before and after manicures and pedicures, focusing on the cuticles. For deep hydration and intense nourishment, before you go to bed, apply a generous layer of the product to the feet and apply socks straight away without rubbing it in. Your feet will soak up all the goodness overnight leaving you with feather-soft feet in the morning. This tip is especially useful in the summer when your feet are on show more!

   To nourish delicate areas before and after hair removal, Outback Organics Bush Balm soothes and cares for irritated skin. A combination of Allantoin, Aloe Vera, Frankincense Extract, Macadamia Oil, and Shea Butter intensely hydrate the skin and reduce redness caused by hair removal procedures. Outback Organics suggest using it between waxing appointments to help prevent ingrown hairs and battle dehydration. Effective yet gentle, its caring formula is  mild enough for use on sensitive areas such as the face and underarms.

   Outback Organics Botanical Body Oil contains Green Tea as an anti-oxidant infused with
 a deeply nourishing natural blend of organic Rose Hip oil, Olive oil, and Argan oils. This versatile product has multiple uses making it excellent value for money and a great space-saver. If you wax this product could make the hair removal experience easier. Spritzing it over the skin before you apply the wax forms a barrier between the wax and the skin to make the process more comfortable (it works with both “peelable” and strip waxes). It can also be used to remove those irritating tenacious bits of wax that cling to the skin after waxing. Prefer to shave? Spray it all over the area before you apply your shaving cream or foam to reduce dragging on the skin. It can also be used simply as an intensely caring body moisturiser with a refreshing mist consistency rather than a heavy cream. I used it all summer over my tan to give it a sexy sheen and a dewy radiance – it really makes you golden glow “pop”!

    Head over to the Outback Organics website or view the range on the Essential Beauty Supplies site to see the vast collection of skincare products on offer. You will also find gift sets, waxing kits, and Tea Tree free products for those whose skin disagrees with it. You can also follow Outback Organics on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook using the links below.
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