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Filberts Of Dorset; Skincare to bring you the goodness of brilliant beeswax!

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   Farmer and honey-lover Mark Rogers has been keeping bees on his West Dorset farm for a decade. His 100 hives house hard-working bees that produce much more than just delicious golden honey. The Filberts Of Dorset product range came about somewhat by accident. Beeswax, a versatile ingredient that works wonders on sorry skin, is a by-product of the hive. Mark was experimenting with combining wax, honey and pollen to cook up culinary treats, however it didn’t quite go to plan, and he realised the mixture of oils was much better suited to creating beeswax-based products for the home and body. By 2008 a small selection of products had hatched, and with Mark’s mother on board, Filberts Of Dorset was born! Since then, the Filberts team has expanded and the product range has grown. Available to purchase via the website is everything from pure Dorset Beeswax Bars to DIY Candle Rolling Kits. You can even buy seeds that grow into plants that bees just adore – sadly these hard-working wonders are on the decline, so scatter some seeds in your garden to produce BEE-autiful flowers to help furry little fellas near you!
Filberts Of Dorset "Make It At Home" Lip Balm Kit.
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A selection of Filberts Of Dorset lip balms.
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   I mainly want to discuss the Filberts Of Dorset body products which include luscious lip care, skin-saving salves, and buttery body balms. With products available for men, women and children, you’ll find something for all the family. You can even buy a kit to make your own lip balms at home (more about that later)!
   For a great lip care all-rounder I recommend the West Country Lip Balm. This hard-working balm contains a mixture of skin-loving ingredients including vitamin E, propolis, honey, and of course beeswax! Not only does it heal and hydrate the lips in all weathers, Filberts also say it can be used to sooth sore skin. A great multi-tasker!
   Missing the summer time? The dreary weather brings down our mood, and the cold air dries out the lips. Try a slick of Filberts Mint Choc Lip Balm to protect your lips from the harsh temperatures and bring you the sweet scent of summer. It’s combination of cooling tingly peppermint oil and it’s sweetly scented 20% raw cocoa butter content produce the smell of mint chocolate ice cream, and it even has the rich colour of chocolate! What could be more summery? It also contains nourishing coconut and almond oils, and caring vitamin E.
   Filberts Of Dorset has combined zingy lime oil and creamy coconut oil to create their popular Lime & Coconut LipBalm that’s proved a hit with both men and women alike. It also contains softening almond oil, zesty bergamot oil, fruity avocado oil, and herby rosemary oil. The nutrient-rich formula is great for the skin and gives a bright, tropical scent.
A selection of Filberts Of Dorset lip balms.
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   One of my favourite scents (and flavours) is ginger, so Filberts Of Dorset’s Lemon & Ginger Lip Balm is just my cup of tea! It contains both lemongrass and lemon oil to keep you citrus-lovers happy, and a spicy hit of warming tingly ginger oil gives spicy depth and sensuality. It reminds me of ginger beer. Delicious!
"Use Filberts LUXURY LIP BALM alone or as a top coat
over matte lipsticks for a gorgeous shiny finish and
healthy hydration!"

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   LuxuryLip Balm is one for the ladies. This best-selling product looks and feels amazing on the skin. It deeply nourished the lips and gives them an attractive glossy finish and super smooth feel. Filberts’ latest addition, Rose Lip Balm, is based on the Luxury Lip Balm recipe. It also has a shiny finish and caring formula, but it has the added benefit of rose, geranium, and palmarose oils and has a floral aroma. Filberts suggest using this one over lipstick for a high-shine look!
   If you’re the outdoorsy type you’ll need a strong all-rounder to battle the elements. Go for either Original Lip Balm or the West Country Lip Balm. These two have formulas made with The Great Outdoors in mind, so they’re perfect for the job! Apply to lips regularly (particularly before heading outside) to ensure you’re lips are kept in tip-top condition in all weathers. The Original Lip Balm has the highest beeswax content of all Filberts lip balms and will remain solid at high temperatures rather than melting away, making it ideal for travel. The West Country Lip Balm contains a healing combination of honey, vitamin E, tea tree, and propolis (an ingredient that protects bee hives from wind and rain), making it great for using on minor skin damage as well as the lips.
     For super-sensitive skin try opting for something fragrance-free such as Filberts Unscented Moisturising Salve to sooth and hydrate the skin and lips without the risk of any irritation from added scent.
L-R: Foot Salve, Tea Tree Salve, Hand Salve.
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Filberts Of Dorset Tea Tree Salve.
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   Tea tree oil is something of a wonder-product. Extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree, this essential oil is widely used by the health and beauty industry. Filberts of Dorset have put it to work in the wonderful Tea Tree Salve. This antiseptic healing balm soothes and hydrates dry and irritated skin and helps to improve areas of damaged skin, bites, and stings. I also find it’s great for banishing blemishes and clearing up cracked lips. It’s available in two sizes – I have the smaller 7.4g tin which is perfect for popping in your handbag or taking on your travels.
Our hard-working hands need a hard-working product to keep dry skin at bay, and Filberts Of Dorset have a super solution! Rich in nourishing sweet almond and avocado oils, Filberts’ Hand Salve’s fabulous formula instantly rehydrates dry areas and deeply moisturises to provide long-lasting relief. It’s also waterproof so it won’t wash away when you clean your hands! It has a fresh herby aroma with a touch of sweetness provided by rosemary and citrus oils. Use on damp hands regularly to keep them hydrated, or on dry hands for a more intense treatment. I love to massage a touch into my cuticles before and after a manicure to keep them looking and feeling perfectly polished, but you can also use FilbertsCuticle Butter for this if you prefer something specifically for your nails.
A selection of Filberts Of Dorset Salves.
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   It may not feel very warm outside at the moment, but summer will be here in no time at all – hooray! But it’s not quite time to break out the sandals just yet, so now is the perfect time to get your feel looking fabulous for when you don your flip flops. Get your tootsies in tip-top condition with Filberts Of Dorset’s phenomenal Foot Salve. It’s super-hydrating formula is packed full of foot-loving olive oil to soften the skin and refresh tired feet. This beautiful balm is also waterproof and has the sweet summery scent of citrusy orange and frankincense. Divine! For an intense overnight treatment I smother it all over my feet before bed then pop on some clean socks to wake up to glorious, sensually soft toes – so quick and easy!

Filberts Of Dorset "Make It At Home" Lip Balm Kit.
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   Fancy a touch of DIY? Don’t worry, I don’t mean wasting hours constructing flat-packed furniture! Filberts Of Dorset sell sets to make your own lip balm and candles. These cute kits contain everything you need to make little goodies with a personal touch.
   And if you find all this talk of sweet honey has you salivating, pop over to their website and order a pot of delicious Dorset honey!
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