Friday, 11 October 2013

☆It's my birthday!☆ NEW Avon Colour Trend; Glitter Glam Shimmery Pressed Powder; Review + Photos

First of all, it's my birthday today! So, Happy Birthday to me, and thanks you to everyone who has sent me birthday messages and presents. :)
It's 01:58am here in England. I thought I'd get my work done now so I can enjoy my day properly tomorrow. :)

Today I'm reviewing another new product from Avon that hasn't yet been released in the UK, so you can get all the information you need before you decide to make the purchase! The product is Avon Colour Trend Glitter Glam Shimmery Pressed Powder.

© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography
Please note; the photos really don't do this product justice. I always find it hard to show highlighting products without over-loading the face with make up (which looks and feels awful) or using a camera flash (which doesn't give an image of what the product looks like in normal lighting).

It's a pressed powder with a subtle shimmery finish that can be used to highlight or to give an all-over glow to the face and body. It's a perfect beauty bargain for the party season; Christmas is coming up fast! It comes in a colourful compact complete with an application sponge, although I found application much easier and more effective with a powder brush.

Let's talk about the product in more detail. The pressed powder itself is almost translucent, it has just a slight tinge of gold to it which gives the skin a beautiful healthy glow, so it would be great for use as a subtle bronzer, too. The powder is infused with fine, light-reflecting, shimmering gold particles. When applied to the skin it gives a healthy, luminous, pearly glow. The result suits all ages and skin tones, and it gives just the right amount of subtle shimmer to add extra glamour to any outfit. It really is a great all-rounder!

The formula of this product is fabulous. It makes the skin feel feather soft, and the powder eliminates any
© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography
. A little goes a long way and the product is build-able, so start off by applying a little and build it up to achieve the desired effect.

Image - right: I tried to use a close-up photo to show the effect that a touch of this product can achieve, but it really doesn't do it justice! Scroll to the end of this review to see a photo of my whole look finished with the Shimmery Pressed Powder.

There are a few ways you can use this product. If you want to use it as a highlighter, apply it to the forehead / cheeks / nose / chin etc (anywhere the sun would naturally hit your face) - I found this easiest with a small blusher brush for precise application. Or, for a more dramatic yet not over-the-top effect, you could apply it all over the face. I love the glowing result this gives the skin; it's a great way to finish your make up. You can use it on the body, too, for some subtle party glamour. I think it looks best applied to the top of the shoulders, the collar bones, and just a little on your breasts - it's a great way to highlight your assets! ;)

Personally, I think there's nothing worse than people over-loading on super-glittery make up and body glitter, a look that seems to be popular for the Christmas Party Season. Please, ladies, don't make yourselves look like disco balls and leave the tinsel for the trees! A product like this gives a much more sophisticated result - you can don the shimmer for the party season and still look fabulous! Plus, this stuff is much more versatile, so you don't need to reserve it just for nights out and Christmas. It's a beauty bargain that you can't afford to miss!

Avon Colour Trend Glitter Glam Shimmery Pressed Powder will be available in the UK from Avon brochure 17. Click here to view the Colour Trend range on

© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography

By Tuesday T. Bryan.

Image - below: My radiant glow is the result of Avon Colour Trend Shimmery Pressed Powder. Shame I couldn't get the Party Season sparkles to show up in the photo! I'm wearing different eye make up to what I'd usually wear, certainly not a look I'll be rocking for my birthday! Didn't feel comfortable in it at all, so removed it as soon as I'd finished the photos for this review.

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