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Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Lightweight Gloss Spray - hair care review #2 + photos

My second hair care review is of another Avon product (my first featured Avon Advance
Techniques Daily Shine Quick Touch Leave-In Conditioner - click here to view my review).

Avon sell all sorts of hair products, from dyes to styling and tools to cleaning. There's something for everyone and it's all dirt cheap and good quality, so they're well worth reviewing!

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Anyway, onto the product. It's called Avon Advance Technique360 Nourishment Argan Oil Lightweight Gloss Spray (try saying that in a hurry). As the name suggests, it's a spray for adding shine to your hair, and it contains the much-loved Argan Oil. It's suitable for all hair types, and it's the latest addition to Avon's "Moroccan Argan Oil" range. I got great results from the range's conditioner, so my hopes were high for this finishing product, and I wasn't let down!
© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography
My usual shine spray is Bed Head Headrush (click here to view on I buy it from salons and it costs around £15 per aerosol - it's wicked stuff, and it defiantly deserves a review soon. Avon's Gloss Spray is much cheaper; you don't get quite the same "mirror-shine" effect, but it's a small compromise considering the cash you'll save!
(Just had to do a runner from a wasp mid-review, the little devil took me by surprise.)
Another pro point is it's great fragrance. It's neither feminine nor masculine, so whatever your gender, don't let it put you off! It's a refreshing and invigorating scent, very uplifting. It doesn't overwhelm your body, it just smells nice when you spritz it on your hair. :)
  •  Image - right: My daily hair do finished with just a touch of Avon Argan Oil Gloss Spray. Even with my cropped and quiffed cut, this product makes a pleasant difference. It looks even better in reality - The photos just don't do it justice!
The formula is bang-on, too. It's an almost-weightless, non-sticky and non-greasy mist. It doesn't dry very quickly, but it doesn't give a wet-look or feel heavy either, so this isn't a problem at all. The hair gains a healthy shine and feels feather-soft!
I also approve of the fact that it comes in a spray-bottle, as opposed to the common spray-aerosol format for hair styling products. I hate how most aerosol products get down your throat, particularly hairspray and deodorant. I go in another room to use these products and I hold my breath when I'm applying them - it's so unpleasant! Anyway, that's not an issue with this Avon product. :)
Also, a little goes a long way. You only need a couple of sprays on your dry and styled 'do to give it a shiny polished finish. It's not a blinding mirror-shine look like Bed Head's Headrush, but more of a natural healthy shine that leaves your hair looking and feeling fantastic! It's definitely worth a whirl!

Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Argan Oil Lightweight Gloss Spray is available online or from your Independent Avon Representative. Click here to purchase online from

© Tuesday T. Bryan Photography

By Tuesday T. Bryan.

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